‘Virtual Commutes’ Coming To Microsoft Teams, Aiming To Increase Productivity

One of the worst parts of your workday might be the most productive.


Microsoft Teams, a business collaboration software with over 75 million daily users, will soon add a “Virtual Commute” option for its members.


While road rage and bumper-to-bumper traffic don’t seem like the first things you’d think of when aiming to lower stress levels, research studies done by Microsoft say that “the reflection typically done during that time  can increase productivity by 12-15%.”

“What we’re finding is that that commute experience — it’s good for it not to be too long, but it did play a role in helping us clear our heads. Think about what we were going into in the day and think about clearing up what we are coming out of in a day. And so this virtual commute experience allows you to take a step back, again going into and coming out of your day to just organize your thoughts and to make sure you’re really processing, doing some pre- and post-processing of your work. It turns out the research shows us that can be very helpful,” says Microsoft 365 corporate vice president Jared Spataro.


Statistics Canada reports that roughly 40% of Canadians were working from home in April – and if there is one thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it’s that the end of ‘WFH culture’ is not near.


Microsoft sees this and is planning for the future.  Beginning in the first half of 2021, you will be able to schedule a “virtual commute” on Microsoft Teams at the beginning and the end of your workday.


You know what – I kinda get it.  You use that time to mentally prepare for your day, you can’t just jump in cold turkey!


What do you think about a “virtual commute” while working from home?  Is it a feature you would use?


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