What To Know: Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon

Are the kids acting up lately? Emotions are running high? Things seem to be going wrong in every direction you look? BLAME THE MOON. Not only is mercury in retrograde – which can make technology not work properly and cause high emotional stress and anxiety – but TONIGHT August 30th the BLUE SUPERMOON will rise high and bright in the sky. It will be the biggest, brightest moon we’ve seen in decades. “Once in a blue moon” is a quote for a reason. We only experience this powerful radiant beauty once ever 10 to 20 years! Don’t forget to take a deep breath, and perhaps take your camera out to take a very mediocre blurry photo of it. Set out a jug of water to create some moon water to pour into your plants, give to your pets or drink yourself. BUT Listener Tayler did mention to be cautious with moon water during super moon’s and eclipses. This moon is a partial eclipse so it’s likely okay but an eclipse makes the energy erratic so it’s not great for moon water with intentions. If you own crystals, lay them in the window facing the moon and let them charge. Hold them when you need some extra strength. Set your intentions for the fall – write them down and place them under the moon. You don’t HAVE to believe in this stuff – but it sure is fun to motivate yourself for the next season of your life. ENJOY!!! We won’t see another until 2037!

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