We could go on and on about how we are so happy to be done school – but every once in a while you think of something that brought you so much joy as a kid, even if you took it for granted at the time.

7. Cafeteria food – there was always one woman who knew how to fry an egg perfectly for your sandwich, the fries were always extra seasoned and the chocolate chip cookies were so chewy and warm. Also, why was the ketchup so delicious?

6. Fist fights – Listen: we don’t support bullying on our show – but at the end of the day, hearing about a school fight was exhilarating. They only lasted a couple minutes because the principal would hear about it through the grape vine cause a teachers pet would tattle. No one would ever land any good punches, but at least they felt like a hero for a couple of seconds. Also – they’d be back to being best friends the next month. So strange. 

5. Seeing your crush in the hallway between classes. Being motivated to dress and smell nice. Sometimes you’d even pretend to go to the washroom to walk by their classroom

4. Free For All Day – when most of the students didn’t show up because it was a Snow Day, or your teacher was hungover so they just played Bill Nye all day. When the entire afternoon was just “go play in the park” time

3. When you say something and the whole class laughs including the teacher

2. Thinking a 730 alarm was early –  the things we would do to be able to sleep in like that on a weekday again

1. Extra curriculars that were mandatory. More adults need this in their lives!! Volleyball after school, band trips, theatre class – anything!! 

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