Common Tattoos In Specific Professions

We got our listeners to contribute this morning with what they do for work and the tattoo that they have to represent it. Wild how many common answers rolled in on the textline. Did you know you can get in on our conversations every weekday morning by calling or texting 780-784-7107? We have THE FUNNIEST listeners – and we’d love to hear from you, too!


  1. Paramedics that have the Star Of Life
  2. Hair Stylists with Scissors or a Bobby Pin
  3. Firefighters that have a forearm of Forrest
  4. Teachers with apples or Harry Potter themes
  5. Radio Hosts with Microphones
  6. Hockey Players with their last name or nickname across their shoulder blades
  7. Trades with something on their arm or leg to help them measure things

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