Ryder and Lisa’s Heritage Classic Experience!

As Edmontonians, we take our Hockey very seriously! We bundled up and had a blast!

The line-ups were atrocious, but we had to go in assuming that would be the case. Shout out to the patient kids and parents battling through the crowds of thousands of fans! Once we got to our seats, we didn’t want to get back up again! The amount of people joking that they wish they wore a diaper was alarming but valid.

The Oilers looked amazing in their gear, and they put on an incredible show! The entertainment between periods with the alumni from 20 years ago was so great. Learning about Canada Post honouring Willie O’Ree by getting his own postage stamp was top notch. Willie was the NHL’s first black player when he debuted with the Boston Bruins against the Montreal Canadiens on Jan. 18, 1958. It then showed past and present players who have looked up to him since that day and followed their dreams, including Evander Kane and Georges Laraque!

It was almost as if the higher up you were, the better your seats were. We felt bad for people in the front row that couldn’t see the puck! Maybe next year they can do see through boards? LOL.

If you bundled up properly, the weather was perfect as a Canadian. Seeing some people wearing just shorts and boots was HARROWING! HOW!

Nickelback absolutely rocked their performance, or was it Lisa up there? You’ll never truly know.

Congratulations to the Oilers for winning 5-2 and the 50/50 raising over $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS! Such a fun night!

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