Lisa’s Ingrown Hair

Our listeners stepped up with so many suggestions on how to fix an ingrown hair that we thought we’d put it out there for anyone else struggling. Lisa’s walk at work today has been described as someone who is getting ready to perform in the PBR Finals this week LOL.


1) Go on Amazon and buy “PFB Vanish”….don’t know what’s in it but it works miracles on any razor rash/ ingrown hair

2) Tea Tree Oil

3) Epsom Salt Bath

4) Dry Brush

5) Glycolic Acid

6) Hot Compress

7) Get It Professionally Popped

8) Retinol

9) Washing the area with a washcloth or soft toothbrush using a circular motion for several minutes can help release the hairs

10) Polysporine

11) Wipe it down a couple times a day with rubbing alcohol to dry it out and pop it


Which tip do you agree with the most? lol

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