Imagine Seeing Taylor Swift In Tokyo?!

We teamed up with The Canadian Icehouse and the Banquet Bar in the Ice District and gave away the trip of a lifetime. Should we do it again?

Big shout out to all of our qualifiers – we gathered at the Icehouse & Banquet Bar (two levels of qualifiers) on Saturday evening at one of the greatest spots to enjoy sports, friends and fantastic service.

The atmosphere was electric as Taylor Swift fans eagerly awaited the news of who would win the ultimate prize: a trip to see their idol perform in Tokyo. Excitement was palpable, as these ardent fans sat around, their hearts pounding with anticipation LOL.

Jake Ryan on one floor and Ryder hosting on the other – patrons drank delicious beverages, ate incredible food and made friendship bracelets as we narrowed it down to 20 qualifiers. Then we did a reverse draw. Qualifiers got to pick what Taylor Swift song they wanted to choose – and the winning song determined who will be jetting off to Tokyo!

Big congratulations to Theresa Fang who chose the song Cardigan – and ironically – as if it were meant to be, was wearing a cardigan that night.

Enjoy the trip – and make sure you’re following @play107yeg on social media because Theresa promised she’d tag us on her journey!

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