Drinks We Chugged As Kids Instead Of Water

It seems as though the current generation are the most hydrated generation of all time. We think back to our childhood and don’t ever remember being told to drink water. You’d get a couple of seconds at the school water fountain, but move on after a couple of seconds due to a lineup or being late for your next class where a WATER BOTTLE WAS A DISTRACTION. Here is our list of the top 7 drinks we chugged as kids instead of water. Enjoy!

7) Slamming a brisk iced tea from the vending machine in the lobby to refuel after hitting the water slides hard for 3 hours at the local pool 

6) Crushing a can of barks root beer between gym class as you rush to science class smelling like B.O cause you chose the root beer over changing your t-shirt  

5) Waking up in the middle of the night to chug out of a 2 litre of coca-cola  

4) Minute maid fruit punch from the frozen can and you’d mix it in the massive juice jug with the coloured push top to pour out of  

3) Green or blue kool-aid after school while you watched Arthur then straight into “who is the father” episodes of Maury  

2) At organized sports you always had those big igloo coolers of McDonald’s orange drink during a weekend tournament

1) Going straight to the fridge to chug back milk from the jug. If you were fancy you’d have the nesquik chocolate powder to mix into it . In the summer youd add ice to it LOL

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