Ryder and Lisa’s Weekend In Photos!

Ryder went to Sylvan Lake for his buddies 40th birthday and Lisa attended his daughter’s birthday without him LOL

We hope you had a fantastic weekend, and for the next couple weeks leading into the Holidays we hope it’s as stress-free as possible! Here is a breakdown of our weekend in pictures!


Here is a fake TINDER PROFILE OF RYDER! He was flattered – but also pissed they didn’t use better photos of him. Don’t fall for this! It’s a scammer lol

Ryder really wanted all of you to know about this “smokin’ deal” of Sapporo at Ace Liquor over the weekend. I rolled my eyes when he sent this as a highlight of his weekend

This was night one at the cabin for his friend’s 40th birthday! Apparently no hair was allowed. More of the boys showed up the next day (they had hair AND beards)

It’s kind of awesome that once you find a lake you can just skate for what seems like forever, and not have to worry about stopping. As I was skating though, I realized that so many movies from the 80’s and 90’s instilled fear in us as children to never go on ice – why were so many kids falling through? I will admit I heard a couple cracks here and there (must’ve been the extra Sapporo’s in my belly). We played shinny and enjoyed the views! Check out the Heritage Classic swag!

This is me taking a break because I was skating like McDavid out there.


Ryder’s daughter Charley turns 12 on Christmas Eve – but she had her party over the weekend. Ryder couldn’t make it in time before it ended, but Lisa went and captured some pretty cute moments. She also spoiled her with Sephora makeup (apparently 12 year old’s think Lisa is a millionaire)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the work Charley’s mom put into these “CHAR-KIDERIE” boards. (I just made that pun up). There was someone at the party that needed a gluten-free option for cake so I stopped at several bakeries that were all CLOSED. Thankfully, I remembered an incredible gluten-free cupcake I had at CRUM Coffee Bar a few weeks back and BONUS POINTS FOR THEM: open at 8am on a Sunday. HEROES. They also carry Charley’s mom and Lisa’s favourite iced coffee, so it all worked out for the best.

I went to the Oilers game with one of my besties! We stopped by the Tiki Bar called Honi Honi before. This photo is a great example of what your vision is like when you leave the place. A must try (just don’t have more than 2 drinks lol)

Got to witness McDavid have a beauty goal and took some terribly lit photos of the couple sitting in front of us. Pretty sure my finger was over the flash. Whoops.

THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ALONG! We hope you can share some of your favourite moments from your weekend! Also – let us know if you enjoy these articles and we will do it more often! Have a great week!

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