Things Men ACTUALLY Want In Their Stocking

After thorough research I’ve compiled this years’ top stocking stuffers for the dude in your life!

First of all, socks still rule the roost. Just get them the damn socks! If you want to get fancy, get them a few different pairs for different occasions (ex: some for the gym, a fancy pair & a warm pair). If you want to get ultra fancy, may I suggest these HomeTop Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Slippers. They’re perfect for BBQing, which makes them way more bad ass. Vintage looking leather slippers are always a win too.

Speaking of BBQing, something that will be an absolute win if you’re buying for someone who loves grilling is locally made BBQ sauce, and a gift cert to a local butcher. Plus, you’ll likely get to eat that gift too which makes it selfishly terrific.

A digital tire pressure gauge like this one is something most guys don’t even know they want, but they do.

Another great option in that category is a nose hair trimmer (this one seems to have great reviews online, and the price is pretty comparable to most).

If you have lots of room to fill up in the stocking, think about putting a Stanley mug in there. Got this exact one about 5 months ago, and have never been so hydrated. I call it my Manly Stanley cause it’s matte black and hardcore.

And finally, an absolute home run for the price & overall awesomeness is cleaning gel for their vehicle. This stuff is magic and unique enough it’ll get you a smile on Christmas morning for sure.

Happy shopping!!! -ryder

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