We Compiled The WORST Holiday Treats

This is based off of our listeners texts into the show. Don’t yell at us. LOL!

8. Real nuts of any sort. We can’t be bothered to crack them. A nutcracker is for decor, not for busting open chestnuts

7. Egg nog. Here is a chunky glass of cold eggs

6. Candy Canes. You think it’s giving you nice peppermint breath, but in reality it’s just giving you a cavity.

5. Forgotten cookies . It’s essetially just egg whites. We are not here to hit our macros, bro. We want some flour. Some depth. We want to feel full after not like we just had a cloud disintegrate in our mouth

4. Mincemeat Pies – They used to be boozy, spiced fruit mixed with beef (yum?) now most recipes don’t even use meat. What is the point?

3. After Eights – specifically in stick form. The ones that look like straws. The ratio of chocolate to mint is way off. We still respect the sleeve of After Eights that each have their own little envelope. Adorable. 

2. Pot O’ Gold . Shrinkflation is real. There used to be 24 now theres like 8 in a box and it doesn’t even include the huge chocolate in the middle that you used to fist fight your siblings for.  

1. Fruit Cake. What are we doing here. Who is keeping this industry alive? Our listeners said they just like to eat off the rum sauce off the top and throw out the rest LOL

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