Top 7 Shows Dropping January 2024

My New Years resolution is to do up one of these lists at the start of every month this year. Check back to see if I forgot already by February!

Let’s get at it, here are the Top 7 Series/Seasons I’m pumped about dropping this month.

(7) Masters of the Air – Apple TV – January 26

This 9 part series is focused on a group of pilots in the Air Force surviving combat in Nazi Germany. Based on a book of the same name that was extremely popular, and from the executive producers of Band of Brothers and The Pacific comes Masters of the Air, this should be terrific. It may be a bit distracting if Austin Butler still hasn’t figured out how to drop that Elvis accent though.

(6) Bluey: Season 3, Part 3 – Disney+ – Jan. 12

My daughter was a little old for the Bluey hype when it hit Canada. Wish I could have said the same thing about Frozen, the amount of money I spent on Elsa and Anna merch was insane. Back to Bluey, I don’t know all that much about it, but I know it’s absolutely adored by parents with kids that are into it. Might give it a go though, as who couldn’t use some innocent and sweet enjoyments in the World these days.

(5) Echo: Mini-series – Disney and Hulu – Jan 9th

All 5 episodes drop at once, making it a solid binge option.
It’s getting a lot of hype, is expected to be Disney +’s most action-packed Marvel series to date. Echo is a Native American, of the Cheyenne Nation, and one of the few deaf comic characters. Really looking forward to this one!

(4) Ted – Season 1. Peacock – Jan 11th

The hardest I’ve ever laughed in a movie theatre was in Ted 2 when the Jurassic Park music came on when they found the huge marijuana field. Might have been the gummy I had, but still very memorable. Seth MacFarlane is a genius, and there’s no reason to think this wont be awesome. Don’t watch it with little kids around.

(3) True Detective, Night Country: Season 4 – Crave – Jan. 14

This edition of the series has Jodie Foster playing the police chief this time, in a remote Alaskan town. The creator, and original director is no longer involved, but there’s high hopes for Issa López the new writer, director & executive producer. It’s on HBO, so I’m assuming you’ll be able to get it on Crave.

(2) The Brothers Sun: Season 1 – Netflix- Jan 4th

The trailer and it looked bad ass. Is that enough reason to watch it? Michelle Yeoh is in it, that should be enough. And it’s giving Kill Bill vibes. There, now that’s definitely enough reason to binge this one! Think I might give it a go today actually.

(1) Griselda: Netflix – January 25

My next wife Sofia Vergara stars as Griselda Blanco “the Godmother” of her successful drug cartel, during it’s reign in the 70’s and 80’s in Miami. This one looks like it might scratch the Narcos itch, if you have it.

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