Ryder and Lisa FINALLY Ride The Valley Line Southeast Train!

When Ryder bought his house in 2017 he was told the new trains would be running sometime soon. Fast-forward to November of 2023 and they had finally arrived LOL. This is for any of you who haven’t experienced the newest trains yet and are curious how they operate.

Over the weekend, we finally took advantage of the stop nearby. It was extremely convenient! For $3.50 each it took us 20 minutes to get from MillWoods to Churchill Station Downtown! Bonus points? The restaurant was only a block from there. (shout out to Woodwork – specifically their Brussel Sprouts)

As far as purchasing a ticket for the first time without doing any research beforehand – all you have to do is hit purchase ticket on the machine at the stop then nearby there is another section where you scan the ticket you purchased before the train arrives. It tells you how far away the next train is, and there are multiple indoor areas with heaters above.

We are convinced whoever designed the inside of the trains must be a Seattle Seahawks fan.

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