Forget the days of double-checking if you locked the front door; Miwa, the genius lock maker from Japan, has got your back with their latest invention – the “ChecKEY.” It’s like a sleek sleeve for your key, complete with a tiny window that spills the beans on your door’s locking status. Turn your key clockwise, and voila, the little window goes white; go counterclockwise, and it turns into a snazzy shade of orange. No batteries required – it’s all mechanical magic. Now, a mere glance at your key confirms your home security.
(And if you’re the type who never sweats the small stuff like locking up, kudos! I’m over here green with envy!)
(No thanks, I’ll pass on the high-tech gizmos that force you to Wi-Fi your lock, download an app, and subscribe monthly. I’ll stick to the key, thanks!) http://tinyurl.com/yffksdhc

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