The Nosy Neighbour

The Nosy neighbor is something I feel everyone experiences at least once in their lives. I’m sure I’ve experienced it before without even noticing!

Over the weekend, I finally saw it with my own two eyes! My car broke down from being overly cold. I think it’s something to do with the power steering. Anyway, the tow truck driver was finally able to swing by and bring my car into the shop.

Now, While the nice tow truck lady was doing her job, my neighbour across the way came out and probably thought, “ooo something is going on out here! Better star shoveling… NOTHING.” They proceeded to do that until the tow truck left.

Honestly though, I can’t knock it too much! I remember one time, there were a bunch of police outside of my neighbours house, so my dad and I went out to investigate. All of a sudden… a police car started ZOOMING towards us. We didn’t think, we just turned around and started speed walking back to our house; It truly scared me to my core. They quickly caught up, pulled us aside and asked if we saw anything. For little 12 year-old me, it was in that moment that I decided it’s probably better to start minding my own business.

I guess I’ve been that nosy neighbour too…

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