The McRib Is Coming To Canada

It’s official.

We’ve heard the rumours for years.

๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ Calling all McRib enthusiasts in Canada! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ

Can you believe it has been since 2014 that the McRib graced us with its saucy, tender presence in the Great White North? It’s true, the McRib has become somewhat of a mythological creature here, a legendary sandwich that has left us craving its succulent deliciousness.

Believe it or not – Ryder thinks the hype is bigger than the pay-off but he’s still ready to get his hands saucy and deal with yet another moment of disappointment in his life.

For those who aren’t familiar, the McRib is a limited-time menu item offered by the iconic fast-food chain, McDonald’s. It’s a boneless pork patty, shaped like a rack of ribs, slathered in tangy barbecue sauce, topped with pickles and onions, all tucked into a soft, warm bun. Just describing it is enough to make your mouth water!

But alas, it has been far too long since we last indulged in this mouthwatering delight. Many of us remember the days when the McRib would make a glorious appearance on the McDonald’s menu, and we would rush to satisfy our cravings. The excitement would build as rumors circulated about its imminent return, and we would eagerly await the announcement from McDonald’s.

Yet, year after year, the McRib seems to bypass our beloved country, leaving us feeling neglected and craving its tantalizing taste. As Canadians, we are known for our love of food, and the absence of the McRib in our lives feels like a void that needs to be filled.

So, my fellow McRib enthusiasts, let’s come together and make our voices heard! Let’s show McDonald’s that we miss the McRib and that we want it back in Canada! We can flood their social media accounts, write heartfelt letters, and create petitions to let them know just how much we long for that sweet, smoky, and savory experience.

Imagine the joy and excitement that would ripple through our nation when the news finally breaks that the McRib is making a triumphant return to Canada. The anticipation, the lines forming outside McDonald’s restaurants, the happy faces devouring this legendary sandwich once again โ€“ it would be a moment of pure bliss.

But until that day comes, let’s cherish the memories we have of the McRib and hold onto the hope that it will make a triumphant return to our Canadian shores. Share your favorite McRib moments, recipes using similar flavors, or even your creative attempts to recreate this iconic sandwich at home.

Remember, my friends, the power of our collective voice can move mountains (or in this case, bring back a delicious sandwich). Let’s rally together and make the McRib in Canada a reality once again!

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