Kelly Clarkson actually let him talk!

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Hey, music aficionados! Grab some TIMBER and get to the LAKE!
I know…wrong season.
Yeah Justin Timberlake had a chat about *NSYNC’s undercover studio mission during a recent escapade (The BEST Janet Jackson song by the way) on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”! Brace yourselves, *NSYNC enthusiasts, because last year’s reunion was just the warm-up act.
In a move that has us doing a Michael Jackson “hee-hee” in excitement, Justin slyly hinted, “Hold on to your fan shirts, folks! We’ve been cooking up some musical magic in the studio. So, get ready for a potential encore – there might be a little *NSYNC surprise coming your way in the future!” Move over fortune tellers, JT’s our new mystical messenger!

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