Universal Music is Removing Songs from TikTok

We are going to start seeing a lot less music on TikTok from artists we know and love!

Universal music, known for having Taylor Swift, Drake, Olivia Rodrigo, and many others in their back pockets, will disappear from TikTok by the end of today. The music for all those viral sounds we know and love? GONE! The videos? SILENT.

Universal Music was looking to make an agreement with TikTok for better pay for these artists. It all came down to lack of compensation and AI concerns . So, essentially, it’s about money. As everything is these days. Tiktok was offering only a fraction of what other social media platforms are providing so, Universal Music is pulling it all. TikTok a very powerful platform, pulling all these songs is a HUGE deal.

This is kinda wild! Definitely not something I thought would ever happen. You would think TikTok wants these artists and songs on their platform to keep it as powerful as it is.

I really hope it’s all actually for the best for these artists, and not just the label. The artists are the ones putting in all the work.

I’m very curious to see what this means for the future!

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