Everything You Need to Know About Usher’s Halftime Show Performance

The big game is coming up this Sunday!! Usher is taking the big stage.

Did you know, he doesn’t get paid for performing! None of the artists do. But, The NFL does pay for the costs associated with bringing the show to life, any travel expenses, and all that jazz. I mean, it is the biggest stage so they get paid a ton in exposure. For example, last year, Rihanna applied powder from her Fenty Beauty line. Just with that 2-second application, it generated $5.6 million in sales for Fenty Beauty, all within the first 12 hours following the game. That is HUGEEE!!! These artists performing also aren’t people that need the money, so exposure is better than anything.

In light of that, Usher did just announce a new tour, the Past, Present, Future 2024 Tour. So, maybe this will help fill those seats and in return get him lots of money!!

Here is what we do know for sure about the upcoming 2024 Usher Halftime Show,

  • The show will be 15 minutes instead of the usual 12. What’s he planning with those extra few minutes?

  • Usher says he has watched every other halftime show to see how they made the best out of the time they were given. He even got advice from Katy Perry! This makes me so happy because, personally, Katy Perry’s 2015 halftime show was my ALLL TIMEEEE favorite out of them all. She for sure made the best of her time and gave it her all. I even go back and watch it sometimes when I’m feeling a little extra bored.

  • He’s celebrating his 30 year career with this performance! He’s hoping to make it HUGE and do better than he ever has before.

I just hope he brings out some really good special guests! I love dancing away to some User songs like any other but I feel like this has high potential to be a very boring halftime show, if he doesn’t make the most of it. I’ve heard rumours that he might bring out Janet Jackson to give her a re-do from her awful Justin Timberlake 2004 Halftime show experience. I think that would be nice to see! I think that would be super empowering to see happen. This one is kind of predictable, but I’m hoping he brings out Lil Jon to perform ‘YEAH! ‘ I have to say that I think it’s his biggest song, so there is no way he could go without performing it. If he does, I would be shocked.

Only 4 more days to go until we find out what he’s going to do! In the meantime, I went shopping and got everything I need for food! Wings, Nachos, Jalapeno poppers, Salami garlic and herb cream cheese wrapped Asparagus. I’m sure I’ll think of more things as time goes, but I’m very excited for it! I’ll be honest though, this year I might be more excited for the food and the idea of maybe seeing Taylor Swift make an appearance for her new boo Travis Kelce. And yes, I do think she will make it back from Tokyo in time.

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