Treat Yourself with Harvard Media’s ‘Better You’ Auction

If you’re anything like me, you’re frugal and love a good deal! Well, this is the place to get exactly that, the Harvard Media ‘Better You’ Auction.

The Better You Auction is all about experiences and products that all around create a better you! I think one of my favorite parts is how they have things from mazing local businesses all around Saskatchewan AND Alberta. Having Calgary as home, there are so many things on there that I could get then use back home when I visit over the summer! Or even get my parents to check it out too.

I see they have Heritage Park Memberships aka one of my favourite places in all of Calgary. If you’re looking for a really good, giant cinnamon bun, that’s the place to go. Plus, this is something you can experience with your whole family. With summer on the way, I highly recommend. It’s a place you could spend all day! Bids are starting at $5.

If you’re in Regina, they have a cool sculpting package at Fresh Look. If you don’t know, Cool sculpting is a Health Canada and FDA cleared treatment that freezes away visible fat bulges in areas like thighs, abdomen, back, under your chin and so on. I think it’s SO neat! I see a lot about cool sculpting and I feel like it’s something I would try out. Plus, If clients are not candidates for the service they can trade in for other services at dollar value. So, if it ends up not working for you, you can also try out a different service. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. It’s a $5,500 package, with bids starting at $5! You’ll get an amazing deal on that one.

I love how this auction is a way to try out so many different things that you might not have usually due to the great deals you get! Make sure to go check it out for yourself. A little tip, It’s also a great place to pick up birthday or special occasion gifts for loved ones too! Then, to make things even better, some of the proceeds from winning bids are going to support Kids Help Phone through Pink Shirt Day. 

The Harvard Media ‘ Better You’ Auction ends Feb 28th at 7pm mst/ 8pm cst

Head over to to see it all for yourself. Now go treat yourself!

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