Ryder’s Top Chicken Dad Jokes

Ryder was Live On Location at the brand new Popeye’s Location on the West End – 170th street and 100th Ave is now open!! He came through with some solid jokes that even brought listeners in to get lunch just to let him know how much they appreciated his one liners. Here they are! Enjoy!

7. Why do chicken coups have 2 doors?

If they had 4 they’d be chicken sedans!!

6. If a mother chicken is called a hen, what’s a father chicken called?


5. Why did the chicken cross the park?

To get to the other slide.

4. Where do roosters go on a stag?

The chicken strippers

3. What do you call a chicken staring at romaine lettuce?

Chicken Sees a Salad

2. What do you call people that look after chickens?

Chicken tenders

1. Why did the chicken go to the gym?

To work on their pecks.

SO AMAZING when listeners pop in to say hi! Thank you for supporting the station, the show and our incredible clients like Popeyes!

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