Play Picks – Kierstyn’s Weekly Movie/ TV Show Recommendation: One Day (TV Series)

Thursday is here which means the weekend is right around the corner! If you need something to watch this weekend. I think this is it!

I’ve been seeing everyone talk about One Day(tv show) on TikTok, it was recommended to me a few times, so I gave it a go and I loved it! The show follows the 20-year relationship of Emma and Dexter. They meet at a graduation event after graduating from University. It all takes place on July 15th and every episode is that day every year. For example, episode 1 takes place July 15th, 1988 and the last episode is July 15th ’03, ’04 and ’07. It’s definitely an interesting concept! I laughed, cried and really got all the emotions over the course of watching this show. It wasn’t really what I was expecting but I’m here for it. I love anything that has to do with a love story.

And I will say, it was for sure a nice break from Love is Blind…

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