Ryder and Lisa’s Weekend Pics!

We need to get better at documenting the adventures we go on during the days where we don’t have a 4am alarm!

Here are the best pics we got over this past weekend. Cheers!

I love my Body Pump classes! I try to go 3x a week. Friday night I babysat my niece and nephew and packed my gym bag in case I wanted to go Saturday while driving back home. I’m glad I went! It was a great workout. – Lisa

There is nothing better than couch cuddles with these hounds. What is personal space? Never heard of it. – Ryder

We checked out New Castle Pub on the weekend before Ryder’s daughter got dropped off. We got to meet Sydney who was an incredible server! We were sold because the sign outside says PANCAKE AND STEAK HOUSE. lol. They had an incredible buffalo chicken caesar wrap!

This was actually on MINI Friday (Thursday) but Ryder won the Celebrity Cocktail Challenge for Edmonton Cocktail Week! His drink is called the Easy Rye-der and you can find it at El Jardin or Honi Honi Tiki Lounge!

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