Ryder’s Top 7 Things To Do Before Spring Arrives

Naturally – Lisa wasn’t interested in this list because she’s in denial that she has to help out with yard work. Here’s a great list to get started before things start to get messier!

7) Create a checklist for what you’ll actually try to do when you can

Lisa thought it was important to add an 8 to this list because what if none of you have pens and paper laying around the house to create a list? If that’s the case. Please do that first. *eye roll*

6) Clean out the garage or other storage areas

This includes cleaning out your junk drawer and linen closets. Take everything out, wash them, and only put back the linen items you actually use. Donate any old towels to local animal shelters like AARCS North Haven

5) Virtual golf, so when the courses opens, you’ve got the winter swings out of your system

We are always sore after that first spring round. Get practicing at some of the great local indoor golf spots in the city!

4) Clean up that dog poop

This is important before the snow completely melts, because the last thing you need is your dog walking through puddles of poop before coming back inside and stinking up the house

3) Prepare for a garage sale

Ryder made over $2000 at his spring garage sale next year. If you own things that you haven’t used or looked at in over a year then it’s time to let it go!!!!!!

2) Drink coffee and just stare at everything that needs to be fixed in the yard

Maybe just accept the fact that you won’t be able to afford a new fence. That pile of junk in the corner will never get brought into the dump because all of your friends that own trucks are too busy to come and help out. lol.

1) Take down the Christmas lights. LOL

Yep. Now seems like a decent time to take these down

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