New Taste Tuesday: Frank’s RedHot GoldFish

IT’S NEW TASTE TUESDAY!! It’s that day of the week where we try something new, something weird, something cool!

This week, I tried the limited edition Frank’s RedHot Sauce GoldFish. Ya know the classic, cheesy goldfish crackers? That! With a little twist. I think I’ve officially come to the conclusion that one thing that makes me really happy when I go grocery shopping, is coming across all of these neat snacks. I feel like you could never find anything neat like this on the Canadian grocery shelves, but we’ve been mistaken! I’ve been coming across so many different things.

Now, for the taste test! I was really hoping that they would be SUPER spicy! That’s my go-to! Soup, cheese, crackers, pickles, anything spicy? Sign me up! Sadly, they weren’t, they kind of just tasted like normal goldfish crackers with a slight kick. They are good though! Like, they won’t go to waste. I would get again, but I wouldn’t say they’re life changing. I needed something that would really hit me with the Frank’s RedHot Sauce taste. It was for sure a fun thing to try!

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