Top ‘Hit Or Miss’ Food/Drink Items

Sometimes when you dive into a dish or drink it can be a risk. Some things aren’t ripe enough yet, or they just taste a bit off. Here’s Ryder and Lisa’s Top 7 Hit or Miss items:

Canteloupe – sometimes it tastes so sweet and juicy, other times it tastes like dirty water 

Raw broccoli – Sometimes its a perfect crispy delight, other times it smells like a babies poopy diaper and it lingers in your house for days 

Raw fish  – If it’s too old you can’t enjoy it because you’re worried about getting sick. But on the other hand you can get it a little bit frozen still and it doesn’t feel right to eat.

Nachos at a restaurant – Why are they sometimes burnt with not enough cheese? Did the kitchen staff forget about it in the oven? LOL

Mcdonald’s fries – sometimes they’re SO fresh and good and other times you got the bottom of the barrel that’s been sitting in the deep fryer basket for 4 hours or it tastes like it’s been sitting on the back seat car floor for a couple of weeks

specialty coffees – Specifically cold brews or a flat white! sometimes they’re just wrong and you know immediately when it’s getting handed to you that they were too busy to care this time. HAHA

Chocolate Chip Cookies – When there’s too much flour or not enough chocolate chips. What are we doing here?

LOBSTER- It can be an absolute delight, other times it can taste tough or too fishy! Also, we recommend to never dip it into melted margarine. Terrible lol.

What else needs to be added to our list!?!

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