Beyoncé is going country! New Album is Coming

Get ready to kick up your boots because Beyoncé is taking us on a ride to the Wild West with her upcoming album, ACT II: Cowboy Carter!

That’s right, Beyoncé is going country, and I’m weirdly very excited for it! From R&B to pop, Beyoncé has conquered every genre she’s touched, and now she’s bringing her powerhouse vocals to the country music scene. This new album is part of her Renaissance trilogy and is set to drop on March 29th. There’s only a little over 2 weeks to go!

I’m really excited to see the direction this album goes in and the sound of it all. A lot of people were comparing Texas Hold ‘Em to the Franklin Theme Song… I heard it, did you? I wonder if all the other songs will just sound like Canadian cartoon theme songs too LOL. Either way, bring it on! She has already become the first black woman to make it to the top of the country charts. I’m sure she will beat many more records too.

This is a direction I’ve never expected from Beyoncé but I have very high hopes! Maybe this album will finally win her Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

Make sure to catch Texas Hold ‘Em, and other Beyoncé classics, on Play!

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