Car Tunes!

What musical artist is your “go to” favorite to crank up when you’re driving in your whip? You may want to start playing the hits of artists like Drake and Ariana Grande, because new research has found that listening to them, and artists like them, can make you a better driver. A study by Autotrader tested drivers’ “hazard perception” while the music of 20 popular artists was played. Higher scores meant the participants identified and reacted to hazards faster while listening to that artist. And Drake-listeners scored 59.5 out of 75. Grande and Eminem fans tied for second place at 58.5, while Billie Eilish listeners came third with a score of 57. Ther rest of the top-10…
• BTS listeners: (tie) 56.5
• The Weeknd: (tie) 56.5
• Beyoncé: 55.5
• Foo Fighters: 55
• Harry Styles: 54.5
• The 1975: 54
Megan Thee Stallion fans scored just 37.5, below the test’s passing grade of 44.
(Rolling Stones fans would have scored even lower than Megan’s, but none of them still have a licence!)

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