*Kanye West once tried to change his stage name to “East” for a week but changed it back because it just didn’t feel right.

*Snoop Dogg holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous smoke ring blown underwater.

*Jay-Z really only has about 74 problems.

*Eminem prefers Reese’s Pieces.

*Nicki Minaj’s real name is actually Onika Mirage, but she changed it to Minaj after discovering her love for Japanese cuisine, particularly miso soup.

*Drake’s first word as a baby was “Champagne,” which led his parents to believe he was destined for stardom.

*Cardi B’s signature “Okurrr” actually originated from a typo in a text message she sent to a friend. Instead of “Okay,” it autocorrected to “Okurrr,” and she decided to embrace it.

*Lil Wayne’s teeth are so blindingly white because he brushes them with crushed diamonds instead of toothpaste. Before becoming a rap superstar.

*Kendrick Lamar was a competitive jump-roper, winning several state championships in California.

*Missy Elliott’s iconic trash bag suit from the “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” music video was actually made from recycled materials found in her garage.

*Nas once wrote an entire album while sleepwalking. He woke up to find his lyrics scribbled on his bedroom walls.

*Ice Cube’s original stage name was actually “Ice Square,” but he changed it because he thought it sounded too geometrical.

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