Ryder’s Rival Dad Power Move

I’ve got a rival dad in my neighborhood and things are pretty ugly between us. I mean, we’ve never vocalized that we’re archenemies, but we both know. He called co-parenting “half-parenting” once, so to get revenge I rolled his garbage can back beside his house before the trash collectors came through. I also make sure his wife knows every time making ribs; that’s her favorite. This goes all the way back to 2017 when I bought my house and as I was moving things in, he walked by and told me that I should be lifting with my legs not my back. What a hose bag. Things escalated when he was showing me his new car, and I told him my ex girlfriend has the same one, you could tell it stung because he’s a sexist baby in a man’s average body.

Anyway, we have the Better Homes, Gardens & Garages Auction wrapping up tomorrow (March 28) and I think I might have to bid on this absolute beast of a lawn mower to finally settle our long lasting feud. It would crush him. He’s got a plug in push one. I’ll make sure to bring er out on the driveway and wash it every time he’s cutting that budget lawn while attempting not to electrocute himself.

Check out the Husqvarna Stand-On Lawn Mower V548 going for under 1/3 retail price (as I write this) right here: https://harvardmediaauctions.com/Event/LotDetails/2213338/Husqvarna-StandOn-Lawn-Mower-V548

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