Solar Eclipse: At least I didn’t REALLY look at the sun

Let’s talk about the solar eclipse! The ultimate game of cosmic hide-and-seek! 🌞🌑

During a solar eclipse, the moon slides in front of the sun, casting a shadow on Earth and momentarily dimming its shine. It’s like the sun is taking a quick coffee break while the moon steals the spotlight.

I made sure to set my alarm and attempt to maybe get a picture! Without directly looking at the eclipse though… I did get many text messages from my grandma not to do that. I felt like I should probably listen. When I got outside, there were two people with eclipse glasses! It felt like fate. I needed to look. I asked to use them quick, and it was probably one of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m kind of paranoid that the glasses didn’t work like they should have and I’ll wake up not being able to see tomorrow… but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there LOL.

I used the eclipse glasses to attempt to get a picture with my phone. It kind of worked… slightly… maybe if you look at it and tilt your head a little.

If you have any pictures, make sure to share them with us! We could love to see them.

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