The Solar Eclipse Might Make Animals Act Weird And Cause Car Crashes

Please be extra careful today before, during AND after the solar eclipse!

There was a short but significant 31% jump in collisions during the eclipse in 2017!!

Most of those crashes probably weren’t caused by the eclipse itself though. They think it had more to do with all the extra traffic. Some other things that are taken into consideration:

People driving unfamiliar routes

People speeding to get to their viewing area on time

Drivers getting distracted by the eclipse

Pedestrians viewing the eclipse from the side of the road

and even as much as more drunk drivers because of “eclipse-related celebrations.”

Millions of people will be able to see it across Mexico, 15 US States and most areas in Canada

Also – be aware of your animals acting a bit strange today.

It’s difficult to say how they might behavior during an eclipse: Their reactions could range between growing quieter to seeking comfort from owners or grab their favourite toys.

However experts caution owners to be on the lookout for anxiety displays such as increased panting and scratching, hiding, and pacing. Take care of your furry friends!

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