Kim Kardashian Loses 100K Followers After Swifties Realize ‘thanK you aIMee’ Is About Her

Kim Kardashian’s social media followers is taking a hit after swiftie’s realize that Taylor Swifts new album has a diss track about her.

Taylor’s new song, “thanK you aIMee,” is being interpreted as a diss track against Kim hence the capitalized letters in the title that spell out KIM. In the song, Taylor exposes a bully from her past slamming the woman as a “bronze spray-tanned statue.”

There is also a certain lyric about the bullies daughter coming home and singing the song – where the bully and Taylor are the only two that know who the song is about.

Are we too old for diss tracks? Apparently not. This has made Kim Kardashian lose over 100,000 followers since the song dropped. Oof. The lesson to be learned here? BE NICE, PEOPLE!

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