Wedding Woes: Cold Feet, Budget Blues, and Who Foots the Bill!

Get ready for wedding season, folks, because it’s right around the corner! But before you start practicing your dance moves, let’s talk cold feet. Turns out, a solid 20% of couples almost called it quits before the big day, according to a survey of 2,000 lovebirds who tied the knot since 2021.

Now, onto the budget talk. Who said weddings had to break the bank? More than half of those surveyed kept it under $10,000, with only a brave few daring to splash out over $30,000. But while most say they’re fine with what they spent, there’s a sneaky 10% who are feeling the pinch.

And guess who’s picking up the tab? Yep, over half of these lovebirds footed their own bill. Can you imagine the dinner table conversations with the folks about that one?

And for those of us who paid for our own shindig, well, let’s just say the honeymoon phase didn’t last long. It’s like that wedding bill is the gift that keeps on giving!

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