How Your Car’s Roar Reveals Your Inner Psycho:

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Ever been rudely serenaded by a car whose muffler sounds like it’s auditioning for a heavy metal band? Well, chances are, the driver behind that noise nuisance might be a certified “psycho.” Yup, you heard it right! Dr. Julie Aitken Schermer from Western University got curious about what kind of person thinks, “Hey, let’s make my car louder than a rock concert.” So, she did what any sane person would do: she conducted personality tests on over 500 young folks, mostly dudes, to get to the bottom of this vehicular vendetta.

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She found, “Loud Cars, Big Egos: How Being a Dude, a Dash of Psychopathy, and a Pinch of Sadism Predict Your Need for a Roaring Ride.” Sounds like a blockbuster, doesn’t it? In her own words, Dr. Schermer unveiled that it’s the thrill-seeking psychos who are more likely to pimp their ride with ear-splitting mufflers. Apparently, they’re the type who’d rather watch folks jump out of their skin than bother with, you know, muffling their mufflers.

These muffler-modifying maniacs aren’t just satisfied with scaring pedestrians. Nope, they also harbor a deep affection for their four-wheeled beasts. They stroke their steering wheels like they’re petting a golden retriever!

Now, before you start thinking every car enthusiast is a certified lunatic, Dr. Schermer wants to make it clear: not all loud car lovers are psychopathic fire-starters. However, she drops a bombshell by revealing that the personality profile of muffler meddlers is eerily similar to those who have a penchant for playing with matches (legally or illegally, we don’t judge).

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But hey, let’s not forget about those dudes who think the trunk of their car is the perfect spot for a bass speaker the size of a mini-fridge. Is there a term for double trouble? If not, we might as well coin it now: “psycho-squared.” And you can bet your turn signal that these double psychos are also the ones who think indicating a turn is for wimps!!

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