Drake Bets HOW MUCH on the Oilers? Hip Hop Star Goes All In for Stanley Cup Glory!

Jake Ryan here, So Canadian rap superstar, Drake, just threw down a whopping $500,000 bet on our very own Edmonton Oilers to take home the Stanley Cup. Yep, half a million bucks on our boys in blue and orange!

Drizzy went all in and posted not one, but two screenshots of his bets on Instagram last night. Alongside the Oilers bet, he also put another half mil on the Dallas Mavericks to snag the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. Talk about high stakes, eh?


In his post, Drake simply wrote, “Oilers are self explanatory,” as his reason for the bet. I mean, of course, they are! We’re talking about the last Canadian team standing in the playoffs, ever since they sent the Canucks packing in the second round.

If our Oilers can pull off this epic win, Drake’s looking at a payout that’s over a million bucks! That’s a lot of loonies and toonies! And speaking of celeb fans, Tim Meadows from Saturday Night Live fame is also pledging his support. He posted a video on Instagram promising not to shave until the Oilers bring home the cup. Now that’s commitment!

The big face-off against the Florida Panthers is happening this Saturday at 6 p.m. So, let’s get loud, get proud, and show ’em what Edmonton’s all about! Keep those fingers crossed and those jerseys on, because this could be legendary!

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