Today marks 15 years since The King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away

June 25th, 2009 was a day many remember exactly where they were when they heard the breaking news Michael Jackson passed away. I certainly remember where I was when the news came over the radio. I was fresh out of driver training, eager to start my summer holidays and was on my way home when a radio announcement came over the airwaves stating he had died in his Los Angeles home.

Prior to his death, Jackson was preparing for a number of comeback shows: This Is It. The day of his funeral which was aired on national television, an estimated 2.5 billion people watched. His career spanned more than 4 decades and he was deemed one of the most influential cultural figures of the 20th century. Record sales near 500 million make Michael Jackson one of the best selling artists of all time with his 1982 album, Thriller considered the best album of all time.

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